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Glass Arrow Productions was founded as a small business in Bristol, United Kingdom, originally owned and operated by an independent filmmaker, Ethan Church. Now we are a team of talented filmmakers, writers, and editors working together on various projects, both in London and all over the country. Many of our films are crafted for our clients, while others are passion-pieces of our own invention. 

We pride ourselves on our motivation and commitment to producing excellent films for a wide variety of occasions. That’s why we work with industry-grade videography and editing equipment, manage our work efficiently and intimately as a team, and strive to deliver only the finest visual media.

In short, we are united by our passion for storytelling.

We have a passion for videography and creative film, especially projects which encompass the creative spirit of the director. Our team members work as a cohesive unit, each with an invaluable role in the production process. We consider this our own house formula for success: without our passion for storytelling. We admire and enjoy the creative freedom of being able to produce visual media which can enlighten and entertain.


As such, we devote ourselves to polishing and perfecting every little piece of our works, turning them into stunning visual experiences of which we can be truly proud.




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Creative Director/ Founder

I’m a spirited director and filmmaker, and the Founder of Glass Arrow Productions. I enjoy creating short films, which involves dreaming up my own ideas and then directing them - I work with writers like Lewis and my crew to make dreams into reality. 


I’m an experienced director with a brimming portfolio of film work. I’ve acted as an event videographer with the Labour Party, worked on the set of Antiques Roadshow for the BBC, shot promotional videos for Bristol Airport, and taken on many other roles in the industry. The films I have made under Glass Arrow Productions have won various awards in film festivals all over the world, and I count my films’ screenings in numerous international film festivals as many of my proudest achievements.


When you come to work with Glass Arrow Productions, I’ll be in close contact with you and your team for the whole time. I value your input as an integral component of the production process and I will maintain a clear image of your vision, allowing it to mould and shape the cinematic experience which we are creating together.


I am always working hard to grow my production company, and I relish the opportunity to tell stories, whether that be history and goals of a business, the tale of a wedding day, or the narrative of my own short film.



Writer/ Content Creator

I’m a journalist and screenwriter from Bristol, UK. I’ve been involved with Glass Arrow Productions since its infancy, and I’ve written for many of our flagship films and products. Much of my work with Glass Arrow Productions centres around screenwriting, but I also write for our online expenditures - I thoroughly enjoyed working on the writing for this website!


Outside of my work, I enjoy creative writing and poetry. I find solace in writing, both as a hobby and as a fundamental asset towards my future professional career. Every day, I’m working to improve my skill with the written word. If you choose to work with Glass Arrow Productions, you might see me on-set taking notes on the production - sometimes I come along to help out the rest of the team.

My interests are fairly broad and I like to scratch the surface on a range of topics. I’ve been involved in a handful of creative projects in my time: I wrote the titular spoken word poem for the film ‘Human Nature’ and I worked as a scriptwriter for ‘A Glimpse Of’, writing on Ethan’s direction to develop his vision for the film. Where written work is needed, I’m always able to lend a hand!