We accept contracts from business owners and executives to create promotional videos, advertisements, Q&A videos, or record interviews, live website wallpapers, and more.


Corporate projects are the highest on our list of priority clients and will be met with as much planning and pre-production organisation as is required to produce a superior, professional product. We accept clients from anywhere in the UK and have already started building an impressive portfolio of commercial work.


  • Fuchsia Beauty Promotional Video
    Bristol-based healthcare & beauty company. Promotional video filmed in May.

  • Maths With Parents - What Schools Say
    A brand new education platform that makes homework fun and entertaining.


  • Bristol Airport - Job Roles
    A summary of the career opportunities available at Bristol Airport.



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"The video is great! Thank you so much."

- Tom H.

Founder & CEO

Maths With Parents

"Ethan I absolutely love it! Thank you so much."

- Jenny S.


Fuchsia Beauty

"This video for Bristol Airport has been completed to an extremely high standard. Tremendous work!"

- Scott H.

SGS Academy, Bristol


Hiring Glass Arrow Productions to shoot, edit, and produce a full corporate video guarantees a clean and professional finished product, at a modest price.

Prices vary between locations and the length of the film. Discounts can be negotiated for frequent clients. Most full corporate videos cost in the margin of £250, however this price will be slightly different for each production. It may include additional travel costs and accommodation if your shooting location is very far away.

These prices are just a rough guide. If you want to make an enquiry, you can get in touch with Ethan personally to discuss prices, locations, and more.