Stories. Thought-pieces. Documentaries.

Working closely with writers, actors, and passionate creatives, Glass Arrow Productions creates immersive and emotional films, shaped by the creative spirit of the young people who make them.

When our passion for storytelling manifests itself, there's no limit to

how far we can go.



Glass Arrow Productions has always provided video services for clients, but the importance of independent film-making has been one of our primary values since we were founded in 2017.


Our personal love for cinema was only ever the beginning. We understand the immersive power of cinematography - it is a film’s ability to illustrate the past and illuminate the future. The ability to make film lovers laugh, cry, and everything in-between. This is our passion, our true motivation.


But it’s not just us who are passionate about our films. Take a look and see what our audience have been saying...


Our narrative projects include works such as Human Nature, Margaret, and our latest and greatest project, A Glimpse Of. We take pride in all of our filmmaking achievements, and each new story we produce is guaranteed to be even more memorable than the last.

As a production firm, visual quality is first and foremost among our priorities. In an era of rapidly evolving video rendering technology, we count high-quality visual production as one of our strongest traits.

Our narrative films have won various awards and have been featured in numerous film festivals all over the world.

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Glass Arrow Productions works with industry-standard video, audio, and editing equipment and software to produce a clean, polished film product. We devote ourselves to creating quality productions which inflame, excite, and inspire.

We take pride in what we do - that's why we're determined to share our projects with the world. When our work is published, it is flown out to all corners of the globe - our films have already touched hearts worldwide, from Britain to the United States to Chile.

A Glimpse Of

"Such a brilliant work (...)"

- Dinara K.

"You are a very talented team. What a great piece!"

- Lee-Anne J.

"Some beautiful cinematography and love the music"

- Claire P.


"Completely perplexed by the cinematography here. These people are going places."

- Eliza B.

"Truly uplifting."

- Andy M.

"Superwoman. Superfan.

Love this film."

- Ewan D.

Human Nature 

"Beautiful, inspiring work."

- Corinne W.

"Wow, amazing. Very thought provoking."

- Tara C.

"Excellent thought-work by the young people whom will inherit the world."

- Ray V.E.