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'A Glimpse Of' Releases Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Friday 28th June, is the long-awaited release day for our biggest and most ambitious project yet: A Glimpse Of. In its earliest form, the project circulated around the story of a girl's journey through the dark and unfamiliar cityscape of Bristol, and her struggles with her limited social experience. While the project has seen countless revisions since then, we are nonetheless proud that the film has

Concept Art by Katie Thomas

remained at its core a story of independence and social vitality, as well as the oxymoron of the darkest recesses of the developed world coupled with its extraordinary beauty. The main character may have been developed and re-developed into countless variations of herself throughout the production, but she has always been focally pure: alone in an unfamiliar void, yet capable of turning even that into a fantastic experience from which she emerges with not only a friend, but also the patient confidence of an explorer. This girl's journey is not only an exploration of the developed city of Bristol; it's also a personal exploration into the roots of her anxieties, leading her towards the path of self-confidence from which she will find joy and friendship.

Even on paper, A Glimpse Of did not appear to be a simple or otherwise 'easy' project - perhaps that itself is what made it so appealing. When Ethan first drafted the script for the film, under the working title 'Journey', the script was a dozen pages long and suggested the use of cinematic techniques which Glass Arrow Productions and its supporting team had never attempted before. Streamlining the script alone took a solid month of writing work, and with the help of Lewis, the project was developed into a story idea which balanced on the thin line between manageable work and cinematic ambition. This is the same ambition for which we have developed such pride; shooting the film took weeks of rain, mud and cold car parks, and saw help from a dozen individuals including actresses, camera operators and lighting assistants. Overall, the project took more than six months of development, spanning from the earliest draft stage written in a café to the finished and polished product, which we have finalised today.

In a sense, the journey has been twofold. In one respect, it envisions the story of a girl making her way through the heart of a developed city; in the other, it has been personal to us, as our own journey from start to finish has presented its own obstacles and developments, which we ourselves have had to overcome.

It is for this reason that A Glimpse Of is so meaningful to Ethan, and to Glass Arrow Productions. The time and effort which it demanded of us was unlike any we had previously encountered, and yet, so was our delight over the finished film. While we were always pushing to have this film, a vision of Ethan's, made and published, it has never once been a chore. Working on this project has been nothing short of a complete pleasure, and the pride and mutual satisfaction we have felt with the project has defied our expectations since the day we began writing. We hope that this passion is evident in the film, as it really is a treasure for us to release, and more than anything we hope to use our newfound experience to the benefit of our future endeavours.

We have, in every sense, grown with our main character; both our protagonist and ourselves have emerged with confidence from which new and exciting challenges will be born.

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