• Lewis Hyden

Cast and Crew Screening for 'A Glimpse Of'

Twentieth Century Flicks Cinema

On Thursday, July 18th, the cast and crew of ‘A Glimpse Of’ convened at the Twentieth Century Flicks cinema in Bristol to see the final cut of the film on the big screen. We were delighted most of the crew could attend - including our lead actress Nicole, the director, our camera operator and production team, and many of our families and relatives. Indeed, the viewing room could only barely fit us all, despite being quite spacious.

Before the film was shown, Ethan emerged from the projector to welcome us all and thank us for coming. He had prepared a speech to outline the film, how it had developed throughout its production, and to personally thank each and every one of the cast and crew. The guests chatted with Ethan for a while about the nature of the film and the deeper meaning he had built it upon before we settled in to watch.

There was something full-filling about seeing the product of all our combined efforts cut together, polished, and projected on the big screen. It’s something that beats watching the draft copy on your phone, of course. Our film on a screen surrounded by shelves packed with infamous and beloved movies really meant something to us, and it was refreshing to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from the guests, some of whom had never seen the film before. We agreed, as we left the cinema afterwards to go celebrate in town, that seeing our film on the big screen is a very rewarding experience which we could not have turned up.

- Lewis Hyden

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