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Production Log - 03/12/18

The production team for the penultimate shoot day. From left to right: lead actress, director, camera operator, actor.

Production Log #4

Having found an actor to star in the final scenes of the film with Nicole, we headed back into the city. Our new actor's name was Jake, a friend of mine. This time we were back in Cabot Circus to film the penultimate scene, in which Luna is almost hit by a car. We knew that this was going to be a tough shoot from the beginning.

Once we had arrived and set up the equipment, Jake, Dominic, Nicole, and myself were ready to shoot. Dom was in position (in his car), Nicole was ready to walk into shot, and Jake and I were on camera and sound. Despite the challenging premise, everything played out like a well-oiled machine. Jake and I started recording, Dom started up his car and Nicole began walking. We recorded the scene and after a few attempts, we got our perfect take. Even in the complexity and emotional intensity of this scene, Nicole's acting came very naturally and she did a brilliant job. We shot the main sequence, followed by some supporting clips for the film. I'd love to go into more detail about the filming of this scene, but personally I feel it would ruin the ending of the film.

Our next shoot day will be the final shoot day. We will be travelling to a different car park to film the ending of the scene that we started today. We're using two different car parks because one has a great interior and then other has a brilliant rooftop. How and why Luna ends up on a rooftop? You'll just have to wait and see...

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- Ethan Church

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