• Lewis Hyden

Production Log - 10/11/18

Our actress, Nicole, stands outside the first shoot location in Keynsham, Somerset.

Production Log #1

The skies were clear when we arrived at the location in Keynsham, but they didn’t stay clear for very long. By the time we had set up the cameras and tweaked the sound recording equipment, black clouds were brooding overhead, and we were throwing coats and umbrellas over ourselves and the equipment before so that we wouldn’t be totally drenched. (We were anyway.)

Our lead actress, Nicole, was excellent, right down to her choice of wardrobe. Having read the script and understanding her character perfectly, Nicole and the director picked out a set of clothes and a yellow raincoat that brilliantly reflected her character’s personality. Her acting was superb, even in the cold Winter morning - we were all frozen stiff and shivering madly, and yet Nicole’s acting on-camera was fluid and natural, as if she was the most comfortable person in the world. We were, and continue to be, delighted with her performance.

Our second location, Priddy Forest, granted us with enough sun to film the entire second scene of the film. The trees there are so dense, walking even five feet into the forest makes you feel as if they expand forever in all directions, and the place was too beautiful to resist taking a few extra shots of. The contrast between Nicole’s vibrant coat and her surroundings was excellent, and we are very excited to be able to continue filming for the project and to collate our shots into a production which we can all take pride in and enjoy.

- Lewis Hyden

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