• Lewis Hyden

Production Log - 17/11/18

A frame from the upcoming film. Nicole takes the stage as a young girl taking her first steps towards independence.

Production Log #2

We arrived at Failand in the early morning after a bit of rain. The sun was only just rising over the houses around the street we were filming on, and as we set up, the wind carried the leaves up and down the road. The whole scene is perfectly aesthetic, and our actress looked right at home as we filmed her journey through the back streets and towards the main road.

It was almost as cold as the first shoot day by the time we made it to the bus stop. Despite the chilly weather, Nicole was excellent and stayed in-character for the whole shoot. The shot above, taken at the wall of the bus stop, is the new cover image for our company and may be the film's promotional poster when it is completed. The buses were a full hour apart each, and there wasn't enough room to film our actress boarding the next one to arrive: so the director, Ethan, got creative and recorded the sound of the next bus that arrived to edit into the final piece - we're looking forward to see how that turns out.

Filming in Cabot Circus was just as successful. There were a few cameo shots taken after we stopped for lunch, and the director took the recordings from the shoot and compiled them into a rough draft of the finished product that blew us away.

We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to demonstrate not only our own capabilities as a production firm, but also Nicole's talents as an emerging actress and the excellent work she has done for the film.

- Lewis Hyden

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