• Lewis Hyden

Production Log - 23/12/18

The production team at the end of the final shoot.

Production Log #5

We were back in Bristol at 8 o'clock to film the final scene of the film, wherein our main character meets a mysterious figure at the top of a car park.

It was already 9 by the time we had arrived and set up the recording equipment. The interaction between Nicole and our new actress, Eleanor, was flawless. The dim lights of the car park we chose were the perfect backdrop to an otherwise gloomy scene. It was pouring with rain when we turned up, so we opted to use the second-highest floor under its shelter, filming our actresses on an outcropped balcony overlooking the city lights. We weren't finished until midnight, by which time a few of us broke off and went home.

The final location we had to visit was a tunnel running under the M32. It was quite spooky that late at night, so the director, the camera operator, and both of our actors for the scene were quick and efficient. Jake and Nicole did a perfect job and the full tunnel scene was shot in less than an hour.

The final shoot day was successful all round, and we're proud to finally have the entire film ready for editing and release in 2019.

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- Lewis Hyden

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